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Woodfield Country Club: Featured Jobs

Palm Aluminum is proud to have completed many jobs in Woodfield Country Club, Boca Raton. Like all communities in South Florida, impact windows and doors, otherwise called hurricane windows and doors, are an important first line of defense against the seasonal storms that batter the region.

Not only must impact doors hold up against the wind, rain, and hail of some of the most extreme weather in the world without breaking, but they must also be waterproof. We pride ourselves on installing impact-resistant waterproof windows that are not only functional and protective, but beautiful and even elegant.

We work with impact-resistant glass that is still perfectly clear, making sure you still get the full benefit of natural light even as you protect your homes.

Our work at Woodfield Country Club required not only our professional touch and skill but also required that we match the gorgeous architecture and original style of each building we worked with. Windows and doors are some of the main focal features in any building, and it is important for us at Palm Aluminum to create installations that look like beautiful ornaments on a structure rather than drab or
merely functional features.

We also wanted to maintain the character and look of the best of Boca Raton, in addition to maintaining the character and flavor of the Woodfield community.

Fortunately, not only is our team highly experienced in creating and installing impact-resistant windows and doors, but also in providing a well-matched set for the building and community.

The Woodfield Country Club community not only benefits from the storm-resistant features of our impact windows and doors, but they also add additional safety against bad actors, as well providing sound proofing.

As a bonus, many homeowners’ insurance companies offer discounts and other bonuses for homes that have been protected by good impact windows and doors. Especially in South Florida, a region considered a high-wind risk, having these additional features bring a great deal of security.

Whether you decide to weather a storm in place, or it strikes while you are away, you, and your insurance, can be confident knowing that your home and belongings are safe from water hail and wind damages.

If you like our work or think your home would benefit from the added protection of impact windows and doors, feel free to contact us for a free quote, today!