Will a permit be required and if so, how much will it cost?

Yes. Permit costs vary from city to city.

What wind speed can your windows protect up to?

South Florida is considered a high velocity wind zone area. Products are tested at 140 mph.

What is your lead time?

Product lead times vary depending on manufacturer. Typically 6-8 weeks, installed and inspected.

How long does it take to have it installed once product arrives?

When product arrives, an appointment will be made to install. Typically 1-2 weeks.

Why can’t I replace my existing window with impact-resistant glass?

Impact-resistant windows are manufactured with a heavy duty frame. Standard glass frames are not heavy enough and are not attached to the wall as well as impact glass windows.

What kind of warranty program do you have in place?

Palm Aluminum and Glass warranties installations for one year. Manufacturers warranties also apply. Warranties vary by product.

Will my house be secured should you not finish?

We will never leave an unsecured opening at days end. If we cannot install an opening by days end we will not start it.

Will I get an insurance discount?

Benefits from impact-resistant windows extend beyond the storm belt to broader security concerns. Impact-resistant windows are considered to be security features because they are so difficult to penetrate or separate from their frames that they reduce break-ins, theft and property damage. There are insurance breaks for new homes built with impact-resistant windows, and for existing homes remodeled to include the tougher windows and frames. Check with your homeowner’s insurance carrier to see what kind of a discount is available.

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