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Impact Resistant Windows and Doors

Hurricane Protection Doors Boca Raton

Living in South Florida hurricanes are a major part of our lives. Hurricanes Andrew and Wilma taught us that their violent winds are not the only cause of property damage, but that window and door failures occur due to the impact of flying debris. With impact-resistant windows and doors we can now counter the dangerous effects of 170 M.P.H. hurricane force winds.

Hurricane-proof windows: An impressive alternative to shutters is windows and doors manufactured with impact-resistant frames and glass. Designed to meet South Florida’s stringent code requirements for wind-borne debris protection these revolutionary products will not allow wind-driven objects to penetrate your home. Your windows and doors will remain intact without allowing the damaging effects hurricanes have on structures. We also carry hurricane-proof iron doors to meet all Floridians’ needs and aesthetic preferences. 

Commercial impact-resistant glass, the home-protection solution, has truly revolutionized the window and door industry! Impact-resistant glass is designed to take direct hits from objects and withstand hurricane force winds. While the glass may crack upon impact, the specially designed laminated glass will keep the window in place, helping to avoid penetration. The goal is to maintain the integrity of your home and provide total security.

Impact-resistant windows and doors not only help protect your home from storms but they also protect you from break-ins and intruders. Other great features are that outside noises are reduced making your home much quieter; up to 99% of harmful UV rays that fade colors from your pictures, upholstery, carpets and furnishings are filtered out.

Impact Resistant Windows and Doors Parkland
Windows and doors manufactured with impact-resistant glass are as beautiful as they are structurally sound. The integrity of these products will enhance your home, increase the value of your investment and create curb appeal. Protect your most precious assets with hurricane, impact-resistant windows and doors.