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Finding The Best Impact Windows in Delray Beach

FAQ about Impact Windows

In Florida, where hurricanes are home, why wouldn’t you want the best when it comes to impact windows? If you live in Delray Beach or the surrounding area, Palm Aluminum and Glass can help protect your home and business with top quality impact windows and doors. Here to help you is a quick FAQ regarding the subject of impact and hurricane-ready windows:

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What features of impact windows should I be aware of?

Besides being shatter-proof, the kind of impact windows Delray Beach residents are going to want are fastened to the frames fashioned from aluminum or stronger.

Flexible frames vs. inflexible — which is right for me?

There’s a popular misconception out there that having windows bolted in a very rigid, inflexible way equates to their being unmovable and, as a result, stronger in a hurricane. In fact, flexible window frames are exactly what you want. Suspension bridges are designed to give just slightly when under duress so as to lessen the overall stress for the frame, and the same principle holds true for impact windows. As such, the best hurricane windows Delray Beach and South Florida has to offer will always feature frames that are sturdy, but just flexible enough to give when the wind really begins to gust without shattering or being torn from the structure.

What is a U-factor?

This is a term bandied about in construction and real estate circles. Simply put, a U-factor is a measurement used for determining how well a window or door traps and keeps heat within a home. While withstanding hurricane-force winds is of course the primary concern when searching for the kind of impact windows Delray Beach citizens need, a strong U-factor can also make a big difference in the overall comfort level of your home. Be prepared for hurricane season with premier impact windows from Palm Aluminum and Glass, the leading provider of impact windows in Delray Beach!