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St. Andrews Country Club: Featured Job

Some of our recent work includes installing impact (hurricane) windows and doors for home in St. Andrews Country Club in Boca Raton.

We were honored to be trusted with these large properties, and fortunately, with our team of highly qualified and certified impact window and door specialists, we knew exactly what we needed to do to install the highest-quality products to protect these homes.

When it comes to impact doors and windows, especially in high-wind zones like South Florida, every detail has to be absolutely correct. Impact doors and windows are your first line of defense against interior storm damage.

All our products, since we specialize in South Florida, are rated for up to 140 mile per hour winds, to give you added peace of mind whether you decide to whether a storm in place or are away when the worst of the winds, rain, and hail hit.

Since impact windows and doors require special heavy-duty housing in order to do their jobs properly, one of the challenges of this particular project was matching every new installation to the character and charm of the property.

Every building under the management of St. Andrews Country Club is gorgeous, with its own unique features and design choices, while also meeting and matching the general flavor of the club.

Of course, our windows and doors, some of the main focal points of any architectural structure, had to live up to the high expectations and standards set by the original developers.

Impact doors and windows do more than protect you from storm damage, however. While St. Andrews is a protected community, arming you home with impact windows and doors acts as an extra layer of protection, as well as providing additional sound proofing.

In addition to superior storm protection and beautiful installations, the residents of St. Andrews Country Club will receive the additional insurance benefit that comes with having high-quality impact windows and doors.

While the actual benefit varies regionally and by insurance company, depending on how they rate the benefit of the windows you’ve installed, you can benefit from the same discounts and advantages as the residents of St. Andrews Country club.

If you live in South Florida and are interested in protecting your home from hurricane season and more, we’ll be happy to help. Contact Us for a free quote.