Impact Windows Florida

Make An Impact on Your Florida Home with Impact-Resistant Windows!

As homeowners in Florida know, Mother Nature has been the cause of great financial damage to unprotected homes. Severe weather such as tropical storms and hurricanes that make landfall present the potential for serious monetary concerns throughout half the year. In these cases, plywood and window tape are useless against raging storms. This is why many of our clients trust the staff at Palm Aluminum for high-quality, durable, Florida impact windows.

With many years of experience in the industry, our knowledgeable staff reminds homeowners that no matter where you live in South Florida, strong winds play no favorites. Hurricane-strength winds can propel debris and shatter non-impact windows in the blink of an eye. So why take chances on your home or risk injury with your family? Rely on Palm Aluminum for the Florida impact windows your home needs, so you can rest easy through any night, regardless of the weather.

Let Our Experience Protect Your Home Throughout the Year!

The greatest benefit of installing Florida impact windows in your home is the obvious protection from serious storms. However, these types of windows provide many additional benefits as well. Among the added advantages of Florida impact windows are enhanced security for your home - if debris propelled by hurricane winds can't shatter the windows, consider the heightened obstacles for potential burglars. Fatigue and police are sure to arrive before any damage to the windows can occur.

In addition, many home insurance policies offer discounts for homes with Florida impact windows, based on the storm protection and personal security they offer the families who live under its roof. These policy discounts can ultimately be seen as a reimbursement to homeowners for the initial cost of the window installation, which will continue to secure and protect the home, while representing a wise return on investment to the homeowner for many years to come.