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Although we try our best to avoid Mother Nature’s fury, it is not always possible. When it comes to floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters all we can do is prepare. Disaster often strikes suddenly and without much warning, leaving people helplessly at the mercy of the storms. This is why it is best to take precautions to protect your home.
Impact Windows

In many of these storms, doors and windows are subjected to extreme circumstances, and unfortunately many common products do not offer significant protection against them. This makes them vulnerable to damage, leaving your home or business unprotected from the elements. That is where hurricane doors and impact windows come in.

Hurricane doors are impact-resistant doors that are capable of enduring the ferocity of a hurricane. These doors are made up of weather- shield materials designed to protect against airborne debris and other extreme weather conditions. They are stylish, effective, and durable, offering great protection against any inclement weather.

Impact windows are great because they are strong like storm shutters but offer the same (if not better!) aesthetic and visibility as normal windows. They also offer other benefits, including noise reduction, UV protection, and are more energy efficient than normal windows. Once they are setup, they are ready to begin protecting you whereas storm shutters need to be installed and removed frequently. This makes impact windows convenient, cost effective, and a great security precaution to take for your home or business.

Palm Aluminum represents one of the finest names in the window and door industry in Coconut Creek, Florida. With a goal to offer the best solutions at the best prices, Palm Aluminum offer a wide range of hurricane protection for windows in Florida that will fulfill all your security needs. They are not just a purchase, but an investment into your property. For more information on hurricane doors, and other glass services.